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Sligo Seaweed Days 30th and 31st July 2014.
Hosted by Irish Seaweed Kitchen at Eithna’s By the Sea, Mullaghmore, Co. Sligo, Ireland

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In this book Prannie will show you how cook seaweeds in dishes such as paella, risotto, salads, soups, breads, cakes and even chocolate fondant and green tea ice cream!
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Rachel Allen with Prannie at the BBC Good Food Show, UK, Irish Seaweed Kitchen launch.
Prannie is a medical doctor and lifelong seaweed cook. A native of the West Coast of Ireland, she gardens organically and has been familiar with seaweeds since childhood.

BBC Radio 4-The Seaweed Programme .
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‘… Prannie has actually managed to make seaweeds sexy …’
STEFAN KRAAN, Irish Seaweed Centre.

.. the most exciting cookbook to reach our shelves in a long, long time, its fresh and individual approach reflects a way of life, making it compulsive reading for anyone who loves food and the coastline...this badly neglected vegetable receives the love, imagination and creativity it deserves. Written in Prannie’s distinctive style ... lucid and charming ... this book is an inspiration and a joy to read. Bravo. Maith thú’
MÁIRÍN UÍ CHOMÁIN, Irish Food Writers Guild

‘While others may look to the Mediterranean for culinary inspiration Prannie turns to our shoreline and our rich heritage of seaweeds. She has created a book with an astonishing breadth of recipes and depth of healthful knowledge using seaweed as the ingredient for sweet and savoury dishes, and a healthier diet.’
and restaurant critic, The Sunday Business Post